Ali Gül
Hukuk Bürosu

Hasan Çakan

Managing Associate

Mr. Hasan Çakan, the Managing Attorney at Ali Gül Law Office, holds a degree from the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University. Initiating his professional tenure in the legal department of a multinational corporation, Mr. Çakan has been a significant asset to Ali Gül Law Office since 2019. Since his affiliation, he has been rendering legal services to a myriad of entities, including multinational and domestic corporations, associations, and foundations.

Mr. Çakan predominantly centers his practice around contract law, intellectual property law, advertising law, consumer/e-commerce law, and competition law. He exhibits significant acumen in the drafting of commercial contracts and overseeing contractual negotiations, the management of rights related to artistic and intellectual works, and disputes arising therefrom. Furthermore, he adeptly handles the scrutiny of advertisements in the cosmetics, food, and health sectors, oversees administrative litigation processes, manages projects ensuring compliance with competition and e-commerce law, and has experience in disputes stemming from consumer law, specifically off-premises/direct sales regulations, as well as those arising from commercial contracts.

Currently, Mr. Çakan is pursuing his Master’s degree in Economic Law at Istanbul Bilgi University. He is diligently working on his thesis, which focuses on the emerging challenges in competition law. He spent a term of his postgraduate program at Universität zu Köln. He is proficient in the English language.