Ali Gül
Hukuk Bürosu

Practice Areas

At Ali Gül Law Firm, we shift our focus from the specific areas of law directly to the needs of our clients, adopting a holistic and practical approach. We understand what our clients want. We know their short, medium, and long-term objectives. We are aware of the risks they face and the issues that matter to them. We speak their language and make them truly feel this in the service we provide. In doing so, we never compromise on the principle of expertise, as dictated by the responsibilities of our era.

We provide our clients with meticulous, high-quality, rapid, and solution-focused legal services in the areas they need. Our main areas of expertise include business relationships, competition, intellectual property, and technology & media. In addition, we offer services tailored to our clients’ needs in litigation and dispute resolution, corporate law, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, franchise law, administrative law, and criminal law.

  • Drafting and amending employment contracts
  • Conducting litigation and mediation processes in employment disputes
  • Subcontracting, misclassification of employees and temporary employment relationships
  • Overseeing processes related to warnings, defenses, and terminations
  • Developing performance evaluation systems
  • Managing collective redundancy processes
  • Preparing and reviewing all labor law documents, from minutes to company policies
  • Managing the processes related to private employment agencies and Turkish Employment Agency (İŞKUR) compliance
  • Consulting on occupational health and safety (OHS) processes
  • Competition law compliance programs
  • Competition law training sessions
  • Establishment of competition law policies for industry associations
  • Development of policies for contracts and information exchanges in labor markets
  • Determination of non-compete obligations and exclusivity conditions
  • Filing applications and complaints with the competition authority
  • On-site inspection support
  • Representation in Competition Authority investigations, determining and executing the strategy during the investigation process
  • Conducting administrative judicial processes related to decisions of the Competition Authority
Intellectual Property
  • Drafting and reviewing contracts related to the transfer of rights of intellectual properties
  • Preparation and review of licensing agreements
  • Examination of intellectual property law sections in all contracts including production, franchise, distribution, and sales agreements
  • Preparation of cease and desist notices for reporting intellectual property infringements (notice and takedown procedures)
  • Handling litigation for material and moral damages related to artistic and literary works, triple damages for copyright infringement
  • Conducting trademark infringement litigation
  • Managing criminal law processes related to counterfeit or pirated products
Technology and Media
  • Orchestrating E-commerce processes from inception to completion
  • Drafting all necessary documentation such as distance sales contracts, pre-information forms, consumer assessment standards, and texts for enlightenment and explicit consent
  • Analyzing and risk assessing proposed advertisements in light of Advertising Board decisions
  • Creating risk mitigation suggestions for advertising activities
  • Implementing GDPR/PDPL compliance programs and managing VERBIS registration
  • Handling data protection investigations and contesting administrative fines
  • Managing administrative permission processes
  • Dispute resolution and litigation management