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About Us

As a boutique law firm focusing on labor law, competition, advertising, and intellectual property, we operate with a worker-centric approach, diverging from established practices. In today’s legal world where expertise is paramount, we recognize that this alone is not always sufficient. We believe that the dedication and perseverance required for legal matters can only be ensured with passionate and contented employees.

We ensure that every member of our team gains experience in corporate companies’ legal departments. As a result, we understand precisely what our clients want and need.

Our support to clients in various sectors of commercial life primarily concentrates on labor law, competition law, advertising law, and intellectual property law. We possess significant experience in direct sales, cosmetics, fast-moving consumer goods, food and beverages, and the human resources/employment sectors. We are a curious team, passionate about addressing the new legal challenges presented by our changing world, brainstorming on them, and providing opinions.

In addition to all this, we proudly emphasize that we have been conducting our pro bono activities since our foundation. If you believe your freedom of expression has been unlawfully restricted and you lack the financial resources to combat it, you can apply to us using the form below.

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