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Enes Duran


Mr. Enes Duran resided in Izmir until his university years and graduated from Bornova Anatolian High School’s German department. In the autumn of 2019, while his undergraduate studies were ongoing, he joined Ali Gül Law Office, marking the onset of his career in the legal sector. He completed his bachelor’s degree at the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University.

Mr. Duran manages the office’s entire litigation tracking processes and predominantly provides legal support to individuals and civil society organizations. While working across various domains of law, he focuses extensively on aspects of procedural law related to these areas. His expertise primarily lies in intellectual property law, criminal law, administrative law, and commercial law. Within this scope, Mr. Duran offers services such as brand research, consultancy related to brand agreements and disputes, investigation of white-collar crimes, managing litigation processes, and shaping and executing administrative and commercial litigation strategies.

Mr. Duran is proficient in English, has a basic command of Spanish, and can read advanced-level Ottoman texts.