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Buse Yüceer


Ms. Buse Yüceer is an alumna of Marmara University’s Faculty of Law. As of 2019, she commenced her professional journey with Ali Gül Law Office. From her inception into the professional world to date, she has provided legal consultancy services to numerous institutions and individuals, prominently including multinational corporations and associations.

Ms. Yüceer’s professional endeavors majorly span areas that multinational corporations require, such as commercial law, corporate law, contract law, labor law, and personal data protection law. Specifically, she focuses on monitoring and executing companies’ general assembly processes, reviewing and drafting contracts, especially liability clauses, formulating company policies, overseeing compliance initiatives related to personal data protection legislation and preparing necessary documentation, managing employee termination processes, handling permit applications for private employment agencies and temporary work relations, and ensuring compliance with related regulations. Moreover, she manages the establishment of associations receiving foreign aid and the necessary notifications, as well as preparations for association audits.

Buse is currently pursuing her master’s degree in Economic Law at Istanbul Bilgi University. She is proficient in the English language.