Ali Gül
Hukuk Bürosu

Ali Gül

Founding Partner

Mr. Ali Gül, the founding attorney of our firm, is an alumnus of the Faculty of Law at Istanbul University. Commencing his professional journey in the legal department of an international corporation, he later affiliated himself with renowned law firms. In 2019, he established Ali Gül Law Firm.

Mr. Gül’s practice predominantly revolves around areas pivotal to corporate entities, encompassing labor law, commercial law, personal data protection, advertising law, and intellectual property law. He provides services to corporate clientele in the architecting of their labor law frameworks, the establishment of performance management systems, conducting Personal Data Protection Law compliance projects, navigating unfair competition disputes, formulating brand and copyright accords, structuring e-commerce processes, ensuring the legality of advertising campaigns, and executing comprehensive risk assessments. Moreover, Mr. Gül has accrued substantial expertise in criminal law, administrative law, as well as litigation and dispute resolution.

He is proficient in the English language and has the companionship of a feline named İsmet.